Strategic Meetings During Tax Season

Strategic Meetings During Tax Season

Strategic Meetings During Tax Season

Short Meetings Help Keep Everyone on Track

Meetings that go on too long are notoriously counter-productive, but short check-in type of meetings create a culture of accountability – which can have an incredibly powerful impact over time.  This can be really helpful during tax season.  Working a lot of hours can blur priorities.

Several years ago our team implemented a very simple meeting structure that works very well for us.  Everyone participating has to share their three key goals for the week.  They also have to report on how they did on last week’s three goals.  It helps everyone focus in on their weekly priorities and make sure that progress is made on the most important initiatives.  We let our team list personal as well as professional goals.  Interestingly, almost all of us list a health goal each week…so we can literally see that this process is working well. (Albeit maybe not as fast as we’d like.)

Establishing a Meeting Rhythm is Key

We hold our short meetings at the same time each Monday morning.  Everyone knows to prepare, and we keep it short and on-point.  Longer meetings are much less frequent for us…maybe a few times a year.  We had a 2 hour meeting yesterday and I’m convinced that our regular short meetings have helped us become a tighter, more productive team.  We also have a lot of fun working together.  That’s pretty amazing considering that we are also a remote team.


Happy Meeting!


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