Report from NCCPA Symposium

Report from NCCPA Symposium

Report from the North Carolina Association of CPA Symposium

Carol and I headed to Greensboro, NC on Sunday to attend the North Carolina annual CPA symposium.  We have done this before and it is always an adventure we enjoy.  We set up a table in the exhibitor’s area.  Our table includes some of our brochures, cards that include our listings, a wine basket that we use as a giveaway, and the books that Brannon has written.  We use this symposium as a way to meet people and create awareness about our company and what we do.

Here are some of the takeaways from this year’s symposium:

We talk with buyers and sellers that have closed deals and we get to hear in person how things are going.

We love getting to meet people in person that we have been working with but only through calls and emails.  We love putting faces with names and get to lay eyes on the folks that we help every day.  This is so valuable to us.  The information we learn can be passed on to others and hopefully they can replicate that success and avoid their frustrations.

We love getting to tell people about what we do and how we can help.

Most participants get our mail but the ones that don’t, get to hear about our fun company.  Even the ones that get our marketing don’t know all of the ways we can help.  We can help you get your firm ready to sell, we can help you evaluate if buying a practice is a good choice for you, and we can give you tips and tricks to make transition a success, among other things.

They keep the exhibitor area cold enough to hang meat.

The Grandover Resort is so nice and recently renovated.  It’s definitely one of the nicest hotels in the area.  Not sure why they keep it so cold?  This happens every year and I still never have enough to keep me warm.  I could have used warmer socks this year.  Because of this, we decided to giveaway hand warmers to the participants.  They were much appreciated and we even ran out early.

We get to meet great vendors.

While CPA’s are in their sessions we get to visit with the other sponsors.  We hear about what they do and all the resources that CPA’s have access to.

Carol and I ate too much. 

Vendors have candy and they set out snacks in the afternoon.   They provide big hot lunches…way more than our normal menus at home.

We also laughed a lot.

It is really fun for Carol and me to get away and catch up.  Carol and I were friends before Poe Group Advisors and we can treat these trips like a mini getaway with some worked mixed in.

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