Podcast on Buying a CPA practice and growing it.


Drew Keasler

Our Guest today is Drew Keasler, CPA and owner of Keasler CPA…and here are some reasons why he’s worth the listen:

  • Drew worked with a large international CPA firm for several years, then started his own CPA practice in 2010 and acquired a practice through Poe Group Advisors shortly thereafter in 2011.
  • Drew has increased his yearly revenue nearly 6 times since the purchase of his practice!
  • He has been able to expand upon his initial scope of services and really maximize on the client base he acquired to increase revenue and build referrals.
  • Drew believes that his age was an asset to the purchase of his practice. At just 28, he struck the right balance between high flexibility and low responsibility.
  • Drew’s main focus within his practice is helping entrepreneurs efficiently run and grow their businesses, and helping individuals and families navigate their tax and financial lives.
  • Drew has insight on how to stay relevant in the face of changing technology in the industry.

In this episode, Brannon really wanted to understand how Drew has been able to successfully build upon the client base he acquired and what challenges he’s overcome in increasing his revenue nearly 6 times in a little over 6 years. Drew offers wisdom on what’s worked for his firm and offers advice he wished he had been given when he was first starting out.

Here’s what you will learn:

[1:09] Getting to know Drew and his background a little better

[4:00] The advantage of purchasing a practice at a young age

[4:45] Drew’s guiding inspirational quote of impact

[7:25] Drew’s experience of going into business for yourself

[9:05] The growth experienced in Drew’s practice today

[14:35] Drew’s advice on starting/buying a new practice

[17:53] Insight into what’s driving success with Drew’s clientele   

[23:51] Threats facing accounting firms today

[27:42] The best advice Drew ever received

[29:53] What strategies are working really well with his client base today

[32:04] Last words of advice

To learn more about Keasler, CPA, PLLC please visit www.keaslercpa.com. To learn more about Poe Group Advisors, please visit www.poegroupadvisors.com

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