Planning is the Difference Maker!

Planning is the Difference Maker

The Business Plan

I recently reached out to a large number of accountants who are currently in practice to try to find a sample business plan for a start-up practitioner.  I am working on a project which is due to be published by the AICPA this fall.  Weeks went by and I could not find a single business plan for a start-up practitioner…not one!  I was very surprised by that.

I have concluded that the lion’s share of accountants who have started their practices never created a formal business plan prior to starting their practices.  This is too bad, because planning is where you make your real money.  Planning is the difference maker!  We preach that to our clients but we don’t take our own advice.

For all of you CPA’s thinking about starting a practice, look for On Your Own! How to start your own CPA practice. 

It will be available through the AICPA sometime this fall.  (by the way…it includes a simple, straight-forward sample business plan.)


About the author: Brannon Poe, CPA

An author and experienced intermediary specializing in accounting practice sales, mergers and acquisitions, Brannon has efficiently and effectively facilitated hundreds of successful practice transitions.  He has a unique ability to help creatively integrate information to develop clear, focused plans. He enjoys helping clients implement these plans to achieve their most important goals.

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