On Your Own! By Brannon Poe is Now Available

Yesterday, I received the very first printed copies of On Your Own! How To Start Your Your Own CPA Firm, Second Edition. For information on purchasing, please visit our website.

Follow each of the book’s five parts as it takes you chronologically from start to success. Each chapter is rich with strategies as well as stimulating follow-up questions that will help you define your goals and plans, drawing you to careful consideration of important factors such as:

  • Creating concise mission and vision statements
  • Establishing goals, standards, attitude, and skills that reflect a successful practitioner
  • Anticipating financial needs
  • Defining family involvement
  • Shifting from employee to owner
  • Understanding potential stumbling blocks
  • Advancing your practice with a specialty
  • Deciding whether to buy a practice
  • Choosing a form of organization for your practice
  • Building client relationships
  • Keeping a focus on the future
  • And much more!

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