Leveraging AI and Reframing Scope Creep in Your CPA Firm with Matt Kanas of Ignition

How can you most effectively price and package your offerings to optimize staff retention and client satisfaction?

Matt Kanas, Managing Director at Ignition has dubbed 2024 the year of change in the accounting industry. We discussed what this change looks like and what the implications of it are for CPA firm owners. With his unique perspective servicing CPA firms from within the tech industry–this made for an exciting conversation.

This podcast touched on: 

  • How scope creep could point to your greatest opportunity for growth.
  • Increasing prices to optimize your client list and improve staff satisfaction and retention.
  • Leveraging AI as a tool in your CPA firm.

Hear why scope creep could be the thing that points you towards possible new areas for expanding service lines and making sure that you are pricing appropriately for the services you are providing. Making sure that you are pricing appropriately is key to keeping your staff happy and maintaining an appropriate work-life balance–increasing staff retention. Are you leveraging AI the way that you should? Hear all this and more when you listen to this episode of the Accountant’s Flight Plan podcast. 

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You can listen to the podcast on the player below or watch the latest episode here! 

Time Stamps

00:35 – Introduction of Matt Kanas and Ignition.

06:20 – Why 2024 is the year of change in the accounting industry.

12:08 – Don’t let the fear of losing clients stop you from increasing prices in your firm. 

15:20 – Reframing scope creep to identify opportunities to increase profit margin. 

20:06 – Finding non-traditional methods to find and retain staff. 

27:47 – Using a 30% conversion rate to adjust and identify if you are pricing correctly.  

29:24 – Improving efficiency in your firm using AI. 

Getting in touch with Matt: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewkanas/

Getting in touch with Ignition: ignitionapp.com

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