(Podcast) Making the Move to the Cloud with Cecilia Gordillo & Natasha Mclaren-Doerr

Moving to the cloud

There can be a good deal of skepticism and uncertainty when it comes to taking the leap and starting a cloud firm but Cecilia and Natasha are an excellent example of how to do it right. 

“If you’re out there thinking ‘I’m overworked and I’m feeling burned out’… We’ve been there. We know how the cloud works…we’ve felt that pain and we know cloud accounting is going to help.” – Cecilia Gordillo 

In this episode we dive into – how to manage rapid growth, ideal client filtering for Cloud Accounting firms (or any firm), obstacles and pain points in managing a cloud firm, and a whole lot more. 

Cecilia and Natasha read just about every book on cloud accounting they could get their hands on and then went full force into starting their own cloud firm. In 2017 they quit their jobs to start this firm and grew it so fast and made it so profitable that they ended up selling it in 2021. 

One reason for selling: they wanted to start the next venture of helping other firms leave that traditional mindset of accounting behind and build a more enjoyable/profitable experience for firm owners. They wrote their first book – Make the Move to the Cloud for Accountants and Bookkeepers – all to create one grounded resource for firm owners who are sitting where they were when they started this journey. So if you’re looking for a guide, advice, or just some experience-shares about starting a cloud firm this podcast will do just that. 

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1:00 – Background 


4:30 – Did you have clients out of the gate or did you start from scratch? 


6:30 – If you had to do that start-up phase again what would you do differently?


8:00 –  Was there a point where you felt like you hit a ceiling and you felt like you had to do something different? 


10:30 – Using Client questions to filter out prospects.


12:00 – Growth Trajectory of their cloud firm


14:00 – Advisory Results: How did you see your move toward Advisory serve your business?


17:45 – Pain Points of Fast Growth / Lessons Learned From Fast Growth 


20:40 – Did you try anything that didn’t work? 


22:00 – Obstacles/Mindset Shifts in making the jump from the Traditional to Cloud Model? 


26:30 – Experience Selling a Cloud Firm 


32:00 – Any Advice to Firm Owners 


Links – Make the Move to the Cloud for Accountants and Bookkeepers // Going-Remotely for Accountants and Bookkeepers


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