How to Intentionally Market Your CPA Firm 

Brannon: “Should all firms still be marketing even though a lot of them have more work than they can say grace over?” 

Jordan: “Should all firms be marketing…no, I don’t think so.” 

In this podcast, Jordan (of Troika) and I dive into what it means to be intentional about marketing as an accounting firm. Jordan takes a thoughtful approach that considers what a firm needs, and what would be most effective which is refreshing when most marketers say more, more, more. 

One concept you will enjoy is the idea of customizing the marketing concept of ‘a value ladder,’ specifically to accounting firms… the Accounting Value Ladder. 

A value ladder is a marketing term to describe a relationship between a brand and a customer in which, as a brand adds more and more value to a customer, the customer is willing to spend more.

And while I could write it all out for you – it seemed smarter to just share with you a clip of Jordan giving the details about it.

You can watch the full video here, or listen on the player below.

f you get a second, let us know if you enjoy getting these bite-sized clips!

Time Stamps: 

0:38 – Introduction

3:27 – Should all accounting firms be marketing 

6:31 – Apply client acquisition tactics to staffing acquisition

7:53 – Biggest mistakes firms make in marketing

12:15 – Biggest Opportunities for Marketing as CPAs

16:30 – The Value Ladder for Accounting Firms

24:34 – Book Recommendation – The One Thing / Key Person of Influence 

26:04 – Jordan’s Contact – LinkedIn 

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