Cutting Through Complexity

The best clients want simplicity and trust that what you do isn’t easy.  They know accounting and tax is complex and that’s why they are your client.  They have no desire to do what you do….or any care whatsoever in the details of how you go about doing it.

Business people want an accounting firm that can take complex issues and present them simply and clearly in a way that helps them make better decisions.

KPMG’s tagline is ‘Cutting Through Complexity’.  In their branding press release  they stated:

The new brand is the result of extensive research into what our clients expect of KPMG in the years to come. Clients told us they value the KPMG network for the quality of our people, our ability to deliver practical solutions that add value to their businesses and our ability to build long-lasting, trusted relationships. They also believe we should build on our strengths and align what we plan, say and do to make a difference.

The new tagline ‘cutting through complexity’ is what best summarizes our response to these comments. It emphasizes our single-minded goal of helping our clients cut through complex issues and deliver clear and practical solutions to meet their needs.

How do you communicate with your clients?


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