Service Worthy of a Referral

Build your CPA practice by capturing referrals

Service Worthy of a Referral

Want to build your CPA practice by capturing referrals?

It all starts with your service. Here are some ideas that any business can implement to help create service that is worthy of a referral.  Turn these ideas into habits and watch your firm soar.

1. Be empathetic – Most client interactions are emotional exchanges as well as factual ones. Share in your client’s enthusiasms or frustrations. This will make your clients feel valued and that you are listening.

2. Build processes that support making client service a priority – Create contact points that are client friendly. Give your client options on how to contact you and make those options easy and simple to use.

3. Recognize loyal clients – Loyal clients are usually your most profitable clients so getting to know them well should be a priority. Thank them for letting you know both when you mess up and when you succeed. They are your best form of advertising. Ask them to tell their friends and colleagues about what your company is doing well.

4. Tell the world about your great customer service – Be proud of having happy and satisfied clients. Regularly tell your staff and clients that great service is your company’s commitment…Just remember that your client service must be genuinely recognized by staff and customers as great.

5. Stay in touch – use all kinds of methods to contact clients. Newsletters, phone calls, personal emails and hand written notes are great ways to stay in touch with clients. Ask your clients for feedback on these communications.

6. Empower your staff – Policies need to be broad enough to allow staff to be flexible when it comes to delivering excellent client service. You need to empower people to make decisions, use good judgment and be flexible with the rules when it makes sense. Involve your staff in these decisions.

7. Deliver on your promises – You don’t have to deliver the moon but you do have to deliver on time and with a smile.

8. Great service should be modeled at every level – Make client service part of your company’s culture. If you tell your people you care about them, they will more likely care about you. If you want your staff to give their best, give them your best. If you take care of your people, they will take care of your clients.

About the author: Stephanie Smith is a Senior Accounting Practice Intermediary with Poe Group Advisors. Click here to learn more about Stephanie.



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