How to Get Referrals for Clients and Staff in Your Accounting Firm – Podcast with Bill Cates

Do you struggle with leveraging your network to gain new accounting referrals?  Looking for new strategies to convert your current clients into referral generators?  Bill Cates, expert in acquiring new clients through referral, joins me to chat about building habits within your business to maximize referrals, and convert them into clients or even new staff!  Join this discussion to learn more about creating a perpetual revenue system, the power of asking questions, and result-producing strategies that build personable relationships.

This podcast touched on:

  • How referral strategies can build a network for hiring
  • Converting referrals into meaningful introductions
  • Building habits and cycles to grow your CPA firm through referrals
  • Why you shouldn’t solely rely on word-of-mouth referrals
  • Questions to ask to generate referrals

Navigating referrals is a personalized concept. As accountants, many of you are well aware of their power, but there is always room to improve your strategy. Listen to my chat with Bill and you’ll learn there is an art and science behind it!  

If this conversation inspires you to start improving your practice, check out Accounting Practice Academy. We have a workshop that focuses on improving your cashflow to above 50% and reducing your owner hours to under 2,000 annually. 

You can listen to the podcast on the player below or watch the latest episode here

Time stamps:

00:33 – Introduction 

01:40 – Using referral converting strategies to build up staff 

06:19 – “Beyond Referrals”: More than just getting business in the door

08:50 – Perpetual revenue system

11:10 – Building habits for a referral system

26:00 – How to ask for a referral

32:45 – The power of asking questions 

43:00 – The Exponential Growth Guide 

Bill Cates is the founder of The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing.

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