Selling your CPA firm? What’s next?

What Next? Ready to sell your accounting practice?

Selling Your CPA Firm? What’s Next?

One of my favorite things to hear about is what our Sellers are going to do after selling their CPA firm!

I get to hear excitement, nervousness and relief, among other emotions.  We had a seller who sold everything they owned except two suitcases and moved to Spain without a place to live!  We have had many sellers find a new professional passion, and embark on a second career.  Some sellers want to spend time with their grandchildren and they want to golf 3 days a week.  I have heard some Sellers talk of moving onto a boat and living their days on the ocean. Our Sellers talk of adventures that they have dreamed of for years!

One of the common denominators for a successful CPA firm sale and transition is a seller who is clear on what they want to do next;

it can be big, or small but they are definitely sure of what it looks like.  Whether they are reading books every day or moving to a place where they don’t speak the language, they are ready.

Are you thinking of selling your CPA firm?

We often recommend that you get your practice ready to sell, and you’ll also need to plan for what happens after you sell.  Do you have the money to do what you want?  Have you talked with your spouse about what their dreams look like?   If you aren’t sure of what’s next, spend some time thinking and planning for your next adventure.  One great way to get ready for an exit is to practice – by getting out of the office more.  Here are some successful strategies to start working less.  You never know, it may inspire something really exciting, or you may find that you aren’t ready to sell and you have more dreams for your firm.

Then again, you may find some wonderful things to start planning for.

How to sell an accounting practice

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