Four Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Poe Group Advisors

4 Things I Bet You Don't Know about Poe Group Advisors

Four Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About

Poe Group Advisors

Brannon and Carol live together, raise children together AND work together.

They even try to have lunch every day – I am often in awe of it, and wonder if I could do it (probably not).  They are not in the same office but find time to get together.  I often wonder, do they talk about work at home?  Do they talk about home at work?

Silos with Sieves

All of the staff at Poe Group Advisors have different roles and responsibilities.  Each of us has a role in the process of selling a practice at PGA.  That being said, we can all jump into someone else’s shoes if needed. If someone goes on vacation or gets too busy you will see team-members jump in to help and make sure our client service stays a top priority.  I have seen that a lot this week.  This is our busy season and I have watched my coworkers jump in when they see someone getting overwhelmed.

Poe Group Advisors is starting a coaching program and we already have clients signed up

We are so excited about this new endeavor.  We get the awesome opportunity to talk with practice owners every day.  We have learned so much from them.  We hear what works and what doesn’t.  Brannon even wrote a book about building a better firm called Accountants Flight Plan.  He is taking that book and those concepts and is going to help practice owners make more money and enjoy more time off.  Stay tuned…more information about this will be coming soon.

We have a record number of listings right now

I think this is the most we have ever had.  We are so grateful that our sellers have that kind of faith in us.  We know that we have the best buyers and that we will be able to make some great matches.


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