5 reasons why 2021 could be a big year for CPA firm M&A activity

5 reasons why 2021 could be a big year for CPA firm M&A activity

Is this going to be a banner year for accounting firm sales and purchase activity? From our vantage point…it’s starting to look like it could be. Here are 5 factors that are influencing the market for firms:


  1. Time for a change. According to a recent Forbes column – Why Millions of Employees Plan to Switch Jobs Post-Pandemic (May 21, 2021) 1 in 4 workers are preparing to look for other opportunities. At Poe Group Advisors (PGA), historically a large percentage of buyers have purchased in order to go out on their own.


  1. Stimulus. For deals that close prior to September 30, 2021, buyers can receive 3 months of payments on SBA loans…and these are forgiven payments…not deferred.


  1. Economic Growth. According to the same Forbes column referenced above, The US economy could expand in 2021 at around 7% – the fastest calendar-year growth since 1984.


  1. Great Supply of Firms. At PGA we’re seeing a lot of high-quality practices coming on the market. Several of our clients have said that the last 2 busy seasons were so busy, that they postponed selling until now.


  1. Cloud Firms Transitions. PGA is becoming the leader in cloud firm sales. We are seeing some amazing cloud firms coming on the market and demand is high. Traditional firms are acquiring cloud firms to help pave the way for full cloud-firm transitions.


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