5 concepts for a successful transition

Tips For a Successful Accounting Practice Transition

The sale or purchase of an accounting practice can be extremely successful with a good transition. To have a smooth and viable transition, both the buyer and seller need to be involved in the process. Without consideration of basic concepts and reasonable care, an accounting firm transition can cause issues right out of the gate. […]

Key Factors in Valuing a CPA Firm

The value of CPA practices can vary greatly. As a seller, naturally you’d like to get the most you can for your firm and need an idea of what you should expect to be paid for it. If you are looking to buy a CPA practice then you need an idea of what you would […]

CPA Client Communications: Cutting Through Complexity

Accounting firm clients want simplicity and trust that what CPAs do is complex and time consuming. Clients understand that there are many business factors, laws and exclusions that affect their accounting practices and taxes. In most cases your clients do not have the knowledge or time to handle their accounting and taxes on their own, […]