Accounting Practice Scorecard

Accounting Practice Scorecard

Do you feel like your CPA practice is missing that ‘certain something?’ Would you like a way to help pinpoint where your accounting practice can be improved? This winter, we combed through and analyzed all of the best practices we’ve ever sold to see what key factors they had in common. From this exercise, we […]

Stephanie's Summer Reading List

Stephanie’s Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List I often wonder why I get more reading done in the summer; Is it because I am not supervising homework or headed to some ball field, or maybe it’s because I find myself outside more often by the pool or on the porch?  Vacations definitely lend themselves to more reading!  I love to […]

mentorship and training

Podcast on Mentorship and Training

Podcast on CPA Firm Mentorship and Training Penny Fair sold her accounting practice in 2012, but had a strong desire to stay connected to public accounting. As a result, she and her husband Charlie co-created Ashgrove Learning to provide on-going practice management and annual professional development for public practitioners. Ashgrove strives to offer a unique […]

Ready to Buy a CPA Practice

How to Know if You are Ready to Buy a CPA Practice

How to Know if You Are Ready to Buy a CPA Practice   Are you thinking about buying a CPA practice? Would you like a tool to assess your readiness? We developed just such a tool and called it our Buyer Scorecard. We took our database of buyers and pulled out the people who had […]