What’s working?

What’s Working? It’s easy to get caught in the “management by exception” trap.  There will always be things that need to be improved in your accounting practice, but don’t let those distract you from what’s more important.  What’s working is actually the key to improvement.  Focus on what’s working and watch those things multiply.  Here […]

Achieving Busy-Season Productivity Outside of Busy-Season

Why is it that the same tax return completed during busy season in 2 hours, takes 4 hours in the summer or fall?  The deadlines and the assembly-line set-up create an extremely productive environment.  This is the power of focus. If you want to be more productive in the off-season, consider focusing your practice. The […]

What a Merger is and What a Merger Isn’t

What a Merger is & What a Merger isn’t When an accounting practice “merges” with another firm…and then the founder of one of the accounting practices leaves a year or so later…that is most definitely NOT a merger. That is a buyout poorly disguised as a merger. This masking as a merger doesn’t fool anyone […]