14 Tips for a Fun and Productive Tax Season

tax season tips

14 Tips for a Fun and Productive Tax Season

Check out these incredible ideas for you and your staff to have fun and thrive during tax season:

Never under estimate the power of food:

• Have a chili cook off. Invite staff and partners to make a pot of their favorite chili and let everyone vote. Offer a prize or just bragging rights for the best one.
• Keep some healthy and some not-so-healthy snacks around the office.
• Did you know that March 14th is Pi day? Make it “Pie” Day at your office. Bring in some pies for the staff to share and enjoy.
• Put some special additions to the coffee area — flavored creamers, specialty teas, cinnamon, flavored syrups are a few ideas.

Create balance:

• Encourage staff to take a short morning and afternoon walk. Suggest a few 10 minutes routes and make it easy for them to get away for a few.
• Consider a mandatory office closing on Fridays at 5:30. They will probably still work on the weekend but this shows that you value time for themselves and their families.
• Make Friday business casual dress or even Jeans Fridays.
• Write hand-written notes to thank people. People want to be noticed and appreciated. Tell them when you notice great work or extra effort.

Have some fun:

• Have weekly poker games. Pass out a playing card each day. The winner of the best hand at the end of the week gets a fun prize.
• Play games. Nerf gun wars, putt-putt golf obstacle course or hippity-hop races can really take some stress off.
• Have everyone bring a baby picture and put in a central place. Have people guess who each baby is.

Special perks:

• Have the local massage school come in and do desk neck massages. Massage students love getting the experience and your staff will appreciate a little relaxation.
• Coordinate concierge services. Wouldn’t it be nice if staff didn’t have to leave the office for dry cleaning, shoe polishing, car washes, etc.?
• Create mini tax-season survival packs. Put together little bags with items like Excedrin, can of Red Bull, Kleenex, post-it-notes, pens & pencils, Alka-Seltzer, and pack of crackers.

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