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Daniel Moshe Tech Guru

If you are managing a remote team or considering it, you don’t want to miss this episode of The Accountant’s Flight Plan Podcast!

Daniel Moshe is a successful entrepreneur and renowned speaker. Daniel founded Tech Guru out of his dorm room during his freshman year of college!

Fast-forward to today, and Tech Guru has grown into a successful nationwide firm specializing in IT services ONLY for accounting firms. They are currently in “growth mode” with the increased need for remote systems.

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and excited about technology, and is refreshingly energetic. Click below to listen to the podcast or watch here to gain more insight into how technology can help your CPA firm achieve its maximum potential.



Moments worth mentioning:

0:55 – Daniel’s background and how he got into IT services for accounting firms.

4:30 – How are people staying productive while working from home during COVID-19?

7:35 – The Daily Huddle & staying connected with your team.

10:00 – How did you transition to focus on accounting firms?

14:09 – What are some great reasons to move to the cloud?

17:00 – What are the biggest obstacles?

19:02 – Tell us about your recent Zoom webinar about best practices and leading successful meetings.

22:30 – How should firms prioritize their tech initiatives for the next busy season?

24:25 – What types of tech capabilities should firms be adding?

26:49 – What advice would you give someone starting a firm from scratch?

30:25 – What books would you recommend – Traction by Gino Whitman and Who by Geoff Smart

32:00 – One life lesson you would like to share

34:25 – How to connect with Daniel on LinkedIn


About Daniel Moshe: Daniel is founder and CEO of Tech Guru: Enlightened IT for CPA Firms, combines his passion for business and technology with finance and accounting to help modernize accounting firms and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. His reputation as “the caring entrepreneur” stems from his initiatives to donate IT services to not-for-profit organizations and his over-and-above care for his team members. Daniel is also a certified EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer at Strong in Six, where he works with leadership teams to implement a set of simple, practical tools to help them get what they want from their businesses. In addition, he regularly speaks at conferences, teaches webinars and hosts podcasts in the fields of technology and business leadership.


About Brannon Poe: Brannon is the founder of Poe Group Advisors and has been facilitating successful accounting practice transitions throughout the US and Canada since 2003. He is also the creator of Accounting Practice Academy™. Brannon is the author of the Accounting Practice Insights Blog and hosts the Accountant’s Flight Plan” podcast with other top thought-leaders in the accounting profession. Brannon is an E&Y alumnus. He has worked with some of the most successful and seasoned CPAs in the industry and has been privy to the behind-the-scenes methods that these clients have used to build highly profitable practices along with capable and independent teams. Brannon has authored multiple books, including “Accountant’s Flight Plan – Best Practices for Today’s Firms” (published by both the AICPA and CPA Canada) and “On Your Own: How to Start Your Own CPA Firm,” Second Edition (published by the AICPA). Brannon is passionate about entrepreneurship and is the president of EO Charleston (Entrepreneur’s Organization).


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