10 Rules for Owning an Accounting Firm | Poe Group Advisors

The Buyer’s Perspective While these rules are universal for anyone who owns an accounting firm, we wrote them with the first-year buyer in mind. As you might imagine, buying a practice, especially the first time around, is an exciting and challenging endeavor. Thankfully we’ve seen some really smart and energetic buyers do some amazing things […]

When do I tell my staff that I'm selling?

When do I tell my staff that I’m selling?

If you’re preparing for a sale of your accounting practice, it’s normal to feel nervous about leaving key staff out of the loop. After all, they’re like family. Maybe they have been loyal for a number of years, so you feel like not telling them is a betrayal. You feel an obligation to be transparent […]

Debbie Engle

Debbie Engle: An APA Member Testimonial Blog

When we developed Accounting Practice Academy, we knew we had the big picture ideas of the workshop, but we looked to firm owner contacts of ours to help us hone in on what people in the industry really wanted in a workshop. We interviewed numerous owners in the early planning stages. Debbie was an invaluable […]