selling your CPA firm

Top 5 Insider Tips to selling your CPA firm

Top 5 Insider Tips to Selling your CPA Firm People often ask us: “How long does it take when selling your CPA firm?” Most frequently our answer is, “It depends”… …on a number of factors: price, location, terms, responsiveness of buyer and seller to communications and negotiations, etc. It can go faster or slower. Historically, […]

North Carolina CPA firm for sale in Raleigh-Durham area

North Carolina CPA Firm for Sale in Raleigh-Durham Area Charleston, SC — A CPA firm went up for sale in the Raleigh-Durham area. Its availability was recently announced by the international accounting practice brokerage firm, Poe Group Advisors. The CPA firm yields an annual gross of $2.41 million. This new CPA listing is one of […]

Selling your CPA firm

Terms and conditions of selling your CPA firm.

Terms and Conditions of Selling your CPA Firm   First, a little background on possible terms that are common in the marketplace for CPA firms for sale: Cash – This is pretty self-explanatory-The buyer pays for the practice in full. Cash deals happen much more often than most CPAs realize. At Poe Group Advisors, we believe […]