Buying a CPA firm staff transitions

Helping Staff Make the Transition After You Buy a CPA Firm

Don’t neglect your new practice’s most important asset.   This article first appeared in The CPA Insider™.     When you buy a CPA firm, how important are the staff? When we ask practice buyers this question, most of them say something like, “Oh, they are very important—one of the most important aspects of the […]

Value Pricing for accountants

The Value of an Hour?

The Value of an Hour Below is a guest post from Ron Baker, founder of VeraSage.   Value pricing is one of the key concepts for running a successful practice included in Accountant’s Flight Plan.   In my opinion, Ron is The thought-leader on value pricing in the accounting industry.  (see his short bio below.) […]

Buying an accounting firm gives you freedom

Freedom – Why People Start or Buy Businesses

Freedom – Why People Start or Buy Businesses With Independence Day passing, the theme of freedom is top-of-mind. Ultimately, most people who are buying a business for themselves do it for the freedom. That was certainly true for me. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom I’ve earned by being in business for myself. Every once in […]