Acquisitions, Marketing and Running a Good Business- Advice for CPA Owners (Podcast)

It is a real source of pride in the accounting space to not “need” to do any marketing. This makes sense to me as it usually means a company gets good referrals. The problem is as Jessica Munday highlights in this episode; you are marketing no matter what. You are sending a branding message no matter how little or how much effort you put into it. That’s marketing.

Jessica Munday is the owner of a marketing agency, Trio Solutions, which just so happens to be the marketing agency we use at Poe Group. They help design everything you see on our website, social media and even the look and feel of the paper we use in our mailers. 

Jessica is a friend of mine and she shares a wealth of knowledge in this episode of The Accountant’s Flight Plan Podcast. It was a real treat to have her on to talk about her experience with her possible acquisition, and pick her brain about her passion for advertising. She is a serial entrepreneur as well as a professor, mom, and the current president of the Charleston chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization.  

In this episode we dove into: 

  1. How marketing and branding impact your accounting practice 
  2. Staffing and retention 
  3. Jessica’s possible acquisition (I always love to hear about how people approach acquisitions.)
  4. Vacation! (Jessica is the reason we have our book The Unplugged Vacation) 

As you head into tax season, it can be easy to get in the grind of day-to-day tasks, but I urge you to consider how some focus on branding and marketing can help you cultivate the client list you want. CPAs are sitting in the cat-bird seat right now and proper marketing can help you grow intentionally. 

Watch the podcast here, or listen on the player below: 


00:30- Introduction to Jessica Munday  

07:00- The wrong idea that if you aren’t paying for advertising, you aren’t marketing 

9:22- Jessica’s acquisition experience 

13:20- The things Jessica has learned about her business while purchasing another 

16:33- The importance of time off 

20:10- Staffing challenge and culture shifts 

22:40- Why people don’t spend more on marketing 

26:00- Misunderstanding of what marketing is as a whole 

28:00- Book recommendation- Traction by Gino Wickman 

28:30- One bit of advice 

29:25- How to connect with Jessica. 

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