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$400,000 (25%) increase in valuation in less than 1 year
Augusta, GA
(Our revenue has now grown 50% year-over-year for two straight years.)
London, ON
"We're doing less work and making more money."
Mario Pizzamiglio, CPA
Arlington, VA
“My hours are about 60% of what they were last season.”
Rebecca Kwasnick, CPA
Southern Pines, NC
"This is going to get my life back."
Debbie Engel, CPA
Edmonton, AB
“There’s a bunch of ways that you look at your business through doing this work that certainly, once you see them, you can’t look at your business the old way anymore.”
Mitch Baldridge, CPA, CFP
Houston, TX
“I am making more money.
I will guarantee you, working a lot fewer hours.”
Rusty Isenhour, CPA
Hickory, NC
“I would think that the harder I work the better it’s going to be and it’s reversed...the more I stepped back, the clearer I saw my issue.”
Judy Grant, CPA
Georgetown, ON
“Being the youngest person here, it’s really going to catapult me beyond where most of [my peers] are...I can find myself in a better position...I’ve got a 10-year head start.”
Nick Jackman, CPA
Long Island, NY
“My attitude toward how I want to operate is totally different... it’s not running me now, I’m running the firm.”
Jim Gassler, CPA
Murrells Inlet, SC
“You’re looking at a guy that spent 35 years being busy, busy, busy. If they like the way they lived the past 10 to 12 months, then all they have to do is [not take the workshop and] just go ahead and stay busy, busy, busy.”
Eric Pelton, CPA
Chattanooga, TN
“As I’ve read books and I’ve heard speakers, they’ve all talked about getting a coach. Someone that can help you look at where you are and point you to where you want to go... Accounting Practice Academy does just that.”
Michael Brennan
St. Louis, MO
“It can benefit the novice to the experienced.”
Zohreh Taraz, CPA
Chapel Hill NC


July 14 & October 27

Transform your practice with this 8-week workshop.

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