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Have a few questions? We have answers! Learn more about our workshop by browsing our FAQs below.

What is APA?

Rediscover passion for your accounting practice. Accounting Practice Academy™ is an 8-week, virtual workshop helping transform the CPA ownership experience. Register today to learn the secrets to increasing profits and reducing owner hours.

What is the investment?

$8,500 U.S. dollars

What makes Accounting Practice Academy (APA) unique?

Our experience in mergers and acquisitions. We’ve seen some amazing practices and we know how those owners built them. We’ve had the bird’s eye view of thousands of practices all over North America.

By selling firms, we have seen the financials and consulted with the owners, so our knowledge base is deep and vast. We also speak with buyers on a daily basis so we know what buyers want in a practice and in a business. We know how to help you transform your practice into a business that you can sell…whether you sell it to someone else or “sell it to yourself.”

Is this a step-by-step program?

Yes and No.

Yes – We take you through 8 modules that are well structured and designed to be easily implemented.

No – In order to transform your practice, an entrepreneurial mindset is needed. This is for owners that are looking to see a bigger picture for their firm. This is not a “paint by numbers” workshop. APA is designed to help you develop the entrepreneurial mindsets and foundational concepts that (once learned) are like an inoculation.

The whole value of APA is to give you the perspective, the understanding and the tools to stay focused on what’s important. We want you to stay focused on high-level strategy without getting bogged down in rabbit holes.

What are the three phases of the workshop?

Phase 1: Perspective

As CPA brokers, we’ve seen the birds-eye view of thousands of firms, it’s time you see it as well. You’ll see where your time is going and look at your practice like a buyer would – from the 50,000 ft. view.

Phase 2: Pruning

A lot of practice owners work more hours than they’d like. All those long hours are actually what’s preventing progress. You can’t transform your firm until you create capacity first. We’ll help you decide what to stop doing altogether, and what to delegate. The result you’ll get is the capacity you need to work on what matters.

Phase 3: Prospering

We show you how to focus like a laser so you can transform your practice into a profit-making machine and build your dream firm. You’ll create a full roadmap to build the practice you want. You’ll have the perspective to free yourself of those trivial tasks. By focusing on more valuable work, your practice will naturally become more profitable.

“It’s just turning your attention toward the right things and putting your energy where it should go.”

Brannon Poe, CPA
Founder of Accounting Practice Academy

How do I know I will get a good return on investment?

That’s a great question…you don’t.

And there’s not much we can say to tell you otherwise because you probably won’t take our word for it. But maybe you’ll take our members’ word for it.

The likelihood that your firm is much different from theirs is slim, which means the chances that you’ll benefit from APA are pretty high. And if you don’t think you’ve gotten your ROI after the first three weeks, we will refund your investment in full.

Is APA right for my firm?

You’ll benefit from APA if:

  1. You have an established firm that’s plateaued at the $300K, $750K, $1M, $3M, or even $5M mark and need perspective/direction for the next stage of your firm’s lifespan.
  2. You’re the bottleneck in your firm.
  3. You’re busy! You work over 2,000 hours per year. (Wait ‘til you hear Eric’s story.)
  4. Your bottom line is below 50% of top-line revenue.
  5. You’re three to five years out from selling and want to level-up your firm to make it more salable. (You’ve gotta hear Rusty’s testimonial.)
  6. You’ve started or acquired a firm in the past couple of years and want to save yourself years of struggle. (Hear what Nick learned.)
  7. You are growing rapidly and need delegation guidance.
  8. You’re looking for a mentor who can give you benchmarks and tools to build a game plan for your next chapter. (Debbie has a similar story.)

What are the 2024 workshop start dates?

The 2024 workshop start dates are:

  • Workshop 1: May 24 – July 19, 2024
  • Workshop 2: July 26 – Sept. 20, 2024
  • Workshop 3: Sept. 27 – Nov. 22, 2024

How long is the workshop?

APA is an 8-week virtual workshop that only runs a few times a year.

What’s the time investment?

Each week, you’ll need to invest about three hours (give or take.) One hour will go toward watching the Module, one hour will go toward doing the assigned work, and one hour will be for your group Zoom Break-Out Session.

How am I grouped with other firm owners?

After each Module, you’ll hop on a Zoom Break-Out Session with your group of five to six other firm owners across North America. We structure the groups to ensure there aren’t any members in your territory (so there’s no sense of competition) to allow for open conversation.

Your group will be a source of accountability as you progress through the workshop. They will provide a helpful perspective and most notably, provide benchmarks for what’s possible as a firm owner.

“My problems aren’t individual…It’s not just me, this is the industry. This is how accountant’s deal with it.”

Judy Grant, CPA
Ontario, Canada

What’s the format?

Each week, you’ll work through one Module about a specific topic relating to your firm and your gameplan. Each is made up of a handful of short 5 to 10-minute videos and downloadable tools. You’ll do the work, then meet with your group and implement what you’ve learned.

See what each week covers by downloading our 8 Module Descriptions.

Can more than one individual from my firm participate?

Yes! The workshop price is priced per firm, not per person. We welcome (and encourage) number two’s to participate along with the firm owner to take advantage of the full Accounting Practice Academy experience.

Will this work for Canadian firm owners too?

Yes! We don’t get into the weeds of technical work in APA. Members stay focused on high-level strategy. We have had a variety of Canadian and American firm owners in APA and everything in the workshop is equally as applicable and valuable.

“The fact that this program is based out of the U.S. makes it no less useful for Canadians. It was a fantastic program.”

Debbie Engel, CPA
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

How do I sign up?

After you apply, we’ll review your application and if you’re approved, we’ll square away logistics and get you in a Break-Out Group. The approval process takes about one to two business days.

If you’re approved and still have some questions or want to chat before you apply, we can connect to see if APA is the right fit for you and your firm. We want to make sure members are a good fit and will contribute to the group discussions.

Do you have a money-back guarantee? Do you offer payment plans?

Our highest priority is that you get these tools and implement them!

Money shouldn’t get into the way of you getting your life back and also making more money, which is why we offer a 3-week money-back guarantee. If you do the work and truly believe that APA isn’t transforming your business, we’ll give you a full refund – happily.

We also offer a 10-month payment plan. Again, our priority is that you get these tools into your ecosystem and get your firm running well.

“This course – the value it’s going to provide is astronomically more than what you’re paying for it.”

Debbie Engel, CPA
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Will I have access to the materials after the 8 weeks?

Yes. You will have access to the entire workshop and all the tools after the 8 weeks.

Can I get CPE for this?

The Accounting Practice Academy™ is informal, unaccredited, and non-bureaucratic. We want to keep it that way. If you are taking this for official course credit for CPE, this isn’t for you. If you’d like a letter to document your enrollment for possible consideration for CPE in your state or province, we’d be happy to provide that. Please direct your requests to


May 24, July 26 & Sept. 27

Start writing your own success story and transform your practice with this 8-week workshop.