Take Accounting Practice Academy for a spin. Start building your strategic roadmap.

Test Drive

Watch this live recording of one of our test drives to see how you can take back control of your schedule, grow your bottom line and improve the client experience. You’ll get three powerful strategies that you can start implementing right away:

Strategy #1 – Focusing

We help you look at your practice from a bird’s eye view so you can determine the optimal use of your time and energy.

Strategy #2 – Delegation

We provide you with a simple tool to help you decide how you can grow and what you can let go.

Strategy #3 – Boundaries

You will build a more valuable and enjoyable firm when you make intentional moves to reduce owner hours. We’ll explain how this will actually help you grow your business.

(Test Drive is less than 30 minutes…or you can opt to view individual strategy segments…5 minute, 4 minute, and/or 7 minutes each.)