IPAD Giveaway…and the winner is…

iPad Giveaway Winner Chuck Talbert, CPA of McAbee Talbert Halliday & Co. in Spartanburg, SC. We used a highly technical random selection process…a carryover from my auditing days.  All entries were assigned a number as they came in.  I had my wife Carol and my son Hayden each pick a  number.  They then played the […]

Feedback From an Accounting Practice Buyer – After Year 1

Feedback from an Accounting Practice Buyer – After year 1 Lately we’ve been gathering feedback from our buyers who closed approximately one year ago.  Below is a Q&A session with Ed Blair, CPA of Richmond Virginia that I thought was good to share: Brannon Poe:  Overall, have you been pleased with your progress so far? […]