Ready to Buy a CPA Practice

How to Know if You are Ready to Buy a CPA Practice

  Are you thinking about buying a CPA practice? Would you like a tool to assess your readiness? We developed just such a tool and called it our Buyer Scorecard. We took our database of buyers and pulled out the people who had been especially successful. We got together as a team and asked ourselves: […]

What Next? Ready to sell your CPA firm?

Selling your CPA firm? What’s next?

One of my favorite things to hear about is what our Sellers are going to do after selling their CPA firm!  I get to hear excitement, nervousness and relief, among other emotions.  We had a seller who sold everything they owned except two suitcases and moved to Spain without a place to live!  We have […]

How to create a more focused CPA practice

How to Create a More Focused CPA Practice

This article first appeared in The Journal of Accountancy’s CPA Insider™ By Brannon Poe, CPA     How to create a more focused practice Streamline your operation by eliminating unprofitable service lines In much the same way as our homes do, CPA firms can become cluttered. Firms try to offer more service lines than they […]

Procrastination as an accountant


to·mor·row noun a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored   Procrastinator?  No.  I just wait until last second to do my work.  Because I will be older and wiser.   Why? As we mark the end of another tax season I have been thinking about why we sometimes […]