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Previously Sold Listings

Listing # Location Asking Price Status
NC2055 North Carolina $450,000 SOLD
VA2010 Virginia $450,000 SOLD
ON2056C Cloud Firm $450,000 SOLD
ON2056 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $450,000 SOLD
NC1078 North Carolina $450,000 SOLD
ON2015 Ontario $435,000 SOLD
ON2052 Ontario $435,000 SOLD
ON2021 Ontario $425,000 SOLD
ON1020 Ontario $425,000 SOLD
ON2034 Ontario $425,000 SOLD
NC2013 North Carolina $425,000 SOLD
AB1043 Alberta $425,000 SOLD
NC1074 North Carolina $415,000 SOLD
AB2004 Alberta $415,000 SOLD
NC1083 North Carolina $400,000 SOLD
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