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Previously Sold Listings

Listing # Location Asking Price Status
ON2103 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $5,750,000 SOLD
TX2006 Texas $4,500,000 SOLD
ON2078 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $4,125,831 SOLD
CA2006 California $3,600,000 SOLD
NC2050 North Carolina $2,800,000 SOLD
AB2011 Alberta $2,750,000 SOLD
FC2001 Cloud Firm (HQ in United States) $2,600,000 SOLD
CT2002 Connecticut $2,595,000 SOLD
ON2113 Ontario $2,450,000 SOLD
ON2132 Ontario $2,450,000 SOLD
ON2133 Ontario $2,250,000 SOLD
ON2077 Ontario $2,200,000 SOLD
ON2146 Ontario $2,200,000 SOLD
NC2033 North Carolina $2,100,000 SOLD
SK1001 Saskatchewan $1,995,000 SOLD
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