Want to run a top-notch accounting practice? Want to increase the value of your work while also increasing your time-off? If so, then you owe it to yourself to take one day per quarter to get out of the weeds and just focus ON your business! This unique program will help accountants stay focused on their "big pictures" in order to take their practices and their lives to the next level.

Big Picture CPA Workshop Series

After decades of communicating and strategizing with thousands of accountants, and facilitating hundreds of practice sales, we are keenly aware of the difference between a CPA firm that runs well and CPA firm that operates at a level of greatness.  This program isn’t for any CPA though and interested CPAs will need to apply.  If you are entrepreneurial and open to new ways of doing business, then we have the insight you need to realize a multitude of returns.  At the core of our philosophy is that CPAs have an opportunity, and a duty, to help their clients run better businesses.   We’d love to help you run a better CPA firm.

By joining this group workshop you will:

  • Share ideas with other like-minded CPA’s. This workshop will not be for everyone, but for the CPA who wants to be more entrepreneurial and is open to new ways to operate their practices and deliver services – this environment will be incredibly energizing and rewarding.  Meet other CPAs who are more like you.
  • Be accountable for your results – Accountability is key!  Being in a smaller group environment with other practice owners will help you stay on track.  You’ll want to be able to come back to each workshop with progress to report.
  • Have one day per quarter to get out of the weeds and just focus ON your business! How many CPAs actually do that?  The ones that do will win.
  • Have fun! Who doesn’t want to visit Charleston, SC?  Workshops will be held in downtown Charleston with the hpe that participants will enjoy the training and make the most out of the #1 city in the U.S. (of course that’s according to us and Travel & Leisure Magazine).

Well managed firms allow owners to earn a significant income and enjoy significant time off. This program is designed to help CPA’s implement successful strategies in order to transform their firms over time. Our vision is to create a community where people can experience continual improvement over several years.