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Accounting Practice Academy™ utilizes your data along with practical methods and tools to build a more prosperous practice. However, the most amazing value you’ll acquire as an owner will be from the mindset shifts that come from doing the work and participating in this journey with your peers.




You’ll see where your time is going, and look at your practice like a buyer would — from the 50,000 ft view!



We’ll help you decide what to stop doing altogether, and what to delegate — The result you’ll get is the capacity you need to work on what matters.



We show you how to focus like a laser so you can transform your practice into a profit-making machine and build your dream firm.

We know time is often your biggest struggle, and that’s why we prioritize clearing up your schedule first before we even thinking about adding anything on.

Module 1

80/20 Principle (Phase 1)

  • Big Picture Client List
  • ROA Analysis
  • Practice Zone
  • Perfect Zone
  • Multiplier Zone

Right off the bat, you will be diving into the data of your client list with one of our most revealing tools.

— The “Big Picture Client List”

This exercise will pull you out of the weeds of your practice, and reveal where you’re time is going.

We’ve received overwhelming responses saying, “I will never be able to look at my client list or my practice the same way.”

Just this one module is worth this price of admission. Time to make some data-driven changes.

Module 2

Goal Setting (Phase 1)

  • Creating Your Vision
  • 5 Year Goal
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Failure to Implement

Goal Setting may seem well worn — business jargon — territory, but this time it’s essential to transform your firm.

Your aim sets up the world around you, it organizes your motivations and sets your path up for you, but making a big deal of defining your aim makes it difficult.

We give you the tools to keep it simple so you’ll come away with a clear vision of your future firm.

Module 3

Practice Snapshot (Phase 1)

  • Unfocused Firm Walk-Through
  • Focused Firm Walk-Through
  • How to Prune

This module comes straight from our brokerage firm. It’s the BIRD’S EYE VIEW.

You’ll work through a tool that’s similar to the tool we use for prospective sellers looking to exit their firms.

It aims to help you to assess the value of your practice and reveal areas of strength and areas for improvement.

With this module, you will look at your practice through the lens of a buyer and see what’s needed to take your practice to the next level.

Module 4

Time Off (Phase 1)

  • APA Downtime Guide
  • Compartmentalizing Your Time
  • Successful Implementation of Time Boundaries
  • Step by Step Guide to Getting off the Grid

70 – 80 – 100 hour work weeks will wear anyone down to the bone. If you’re working even close to these kinds of hours this module will reframe the value of time off.

You’ll see the valuable and profitable benefits that come from regular, unplugged breaks.

It may sound impossible at this point but we are still in the pruning phase remember. Capacity is coming!

Module 5

Pricing (Phase 2)

  • Making the Case for Price Increases
  • The True Fair Market Value
  • “How To” of Pricing

Pricing is a linchpin concept; when you get the pricing right in your practice EVERYTHING GETS EASIER.

We’ve never spoken with a CPA who has regretted a price increase — it just doesn’t happen — but you have to know how to do it with intention. We’ll show you what your prices could be and provide you with a simple process for getting them to where they need to be.

Price increases:

  • Over time they will increase the quality of your client base
  • They force you to pay more attention to what your client values
  • They go right to the bottom line!

Module 6

Growth and Staffing (Phase 2)

  • Assessing Your Team
  • Get Organized to Delegate
  • Hand-Off Handout™ — Delegation Implementation

The goal of this module is FREEDOM — freedom to take more time off or freedom to grow. Freedom comes when you get things off your plate and that’s only possible with the right delegation techniques and the right team.

Learning to let go can be uncomfortable but we’re going to help you get the perspective you need to start making those moves.

In this module, you will assess your existing team, identify any gaps, and identify what can be handed-off.

This isn’t just for you as the owner, it’s for your top managers too. Everyone will be able to delegate work, so your entire company will level up.

Module 7

Marketing (Phase 3)

  • Being a Proactive Accountant
  • Anatomy of the Ideal Accountant’s Website
  • Generating New Business from Your Existing Client Base
  • Developing a Niche

This is a robust module where everything you’ve learned to this point comes together powerfully.

Here the focus is less about finding new clients and instead, making the most of the clients you already have.

Our method involves creating gravity toward your firm, so clients are seeking you out rather than the other way around.

Module 8

Goal Setting (Phase 1)

  • Creating Your Vision
  • 5 Year Goal
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Failure to Implement

We’ll show you how to help your clients become more professional managers of their companies. Implementing these advisory techniques with your current client base will take your relationships and services to the next level.

The truth is, things that seem obvious and intuitive to you are not intuitive to your clients. Sharing your perspective and ideas you have for your client’s business — when done well — will set you apart. The ripple effects of this kind of work are remarkable.

Referrals, client retention, and the impact that advisory work has on your community and the economy will help you and your clients prosper. There is so much opportunity lying dormant here and there is demand. We’ll show you how to tap into this huge opportunity.

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