Accounting for Time Off

Accounting for Time Off Your busy-season is my slow season…so I’m just back from a getaway.  My wife and I went to San Juan Puerto Rico and had a fantastic time.  I am not writing this entry to gloat about my vacation while most accountants are toiling away with tax season.  No-I have a few […]

Professional Education Transformation: Visionary and Tied to Reality

This post is by guest blogger Phyllis Weiss Haserot. Consultant Alan Weiss wrote in his Monday Morning memo (1/9/12): “In corporate strategy, we paint a picture of the future and then “work backwards” to determine how to organize to reach it…. Why don’t we start with a picture of future, productive work forces (knowledge-based, technical […]

Remember to Laugh and Have Fun During Tax Season

Remember to Laugh and Have Fun During Tax Season We work with a lot of buyers of accounting practices this time of year who are planning their first tax season.  The advice that we give them is relevant for the most seasoned owner as well. So many buyers of practices want to focus like a […]