David Spray / Brannon Poe

Podcast with David Spray from the IC-DISC Show

Ep010 from the IC-DISC Show (podcast) Brannon recently had the pleasure of being a guest on David Spray’s IC-DISC show podcast. Listen in for a candid recap about ideal clients, accounting practice values, financing of accounting practices, and the biggest misconceptions about buying and selling accounting practices. David Spray IC-DISC Show     Some important […]

Should I use an LOI?

The quick answer is…No. At first blush, the Letter of Intent would seem like a good idea. It allows the buyer to demonstrate to the seller that they do indeed intend to purchase. It also lays out the general terms of the deal. These would both seem like clear positives. However, we find the step […]

Xero Ben Richmond

Cloud accounting with Xero’s Ben Richmond (podcast)

  Did you know that currently in the U.S., only about 10% of firms are cloud-based; whereas in Australia and New Zealand the rate is around 50%? Also, did you know that cloud firms typically sell for much higher multiples than traditional firms? Why is that? Listen in on Brannon’s conversation with Ben Richmond, who […]