Happy Holidays from Poe Group Advisors!

Every year on Christmas Eve our family has a fun tradition. After dinner while still seated at the table, we pass around the Peppermint Pig, in its little red velvet pouch. (Also included with the pig is a little hammer.) The Peppermint Pig dates back to the early 1880’s as a holiday tradition that is […]

What are your biggest opportunities right now?

As we look forward to 2019, it helps to reflect on all the good stuff that happened in 2018. So often the little aggravations with clients and staff, coupled with a full schedule and a hectic pace can make work into misery (not to mention CPE). If you are not careful, these things can skew […]

Selling Cloud-Based Accounting Firms – Our Experience

In the past year and a few months, we have marketed 3 “pure” cloud-based accounting firms and a few others that might be considered hybrids. Our sample size at this point is not statistically significant, but based on our observations we think are well worth sharing. We like the modern model, think the market is […]