What Does Your A/R Say About Your Accounting Practice?

What Does your A/R Say About your Accounting Practice? Smart buyers almost always look at A/R aging when completing their due diligence in a purchase. Personally, I would look at A/R aging before making an offer on a practice. Here is what can be gleamed from this review: What Does Your A/R Say About Your […]

Podcast With Bill Sheridan – Social Media for Accountants

I recently reached out to Bill Sheridan to talk about social media for accountants. Bill is the creator and co-author of one of the “top accounting blogs” in the United States- CPA Success.  Bill speaks regularly to accountants on the strategic uses of social media and the future of communication in his role as chief […]

Crunch Time is a Great Time to Think About Your Procrastinators

Are your late-filers always the same clients each year? Do these same people try to turn their procrastination/crisis into your problem…at the last possible minute? I hope you are taking notes (and names.) Maybe it’s a good time to assess a couple of things: What can we do to help these people do a better […]

Lessons From a Successful Accountant and an Investing Giant

I get the privilege of working with some really smart accountants…and I get to see their financial statements…so I get to see the results of their good decisions.  I recently signed a practice owner with a large practice with larger than normal profits.  I also recently read a very interesting article about Charlie Munger in […]