How do you get top dollar for your accounting practice?

How Do You Get Top Dollar for Your Accounting Practice?

How do you get top dollar for your accounting practice?  You DON’T focus on the money…wait….what? Instead, you focus on the fit.     Finding the Right Buyer for your CPA Firm Focusing on getting a buyer who represents the best fit is crucial for a successful handoff, for clients, for staff and for post-closing results…your legacy […]

What Next? Ready to sell your CPA firm?

Selling your CPA firm? What’s next?

Selling Your CPA Firm? What’s Next? One of my favorite things to hear about is what our Sellers are going to do after selling their CPA firm! I get to hear excitement, nervousness and relief, among other emotions.  We had a seller who sold everything they owned except two suitcases and moved to Spain without […]

Succession Planning

Succession Planning Tips for Those Short on Time

Succession Planning tips for those short on time.   You are likely in the thick of busy season, so we’ll be concise and to the point today.   If you own an accounting practice and want to begin marketing your firm this spring, here are three last-minute succession planning tips to focus on to help […]

succession planning for accountants

Succession Planning – The Accountant’s Estate Letter

Succession Planning – The Accountant’s Estate Letter In the past few months, we’ve gotten several requests from CPA’s for a simple letter to leave instructions to their estate executor if the need should arise to rapidly facilitate an accounting practice sale. I’m happy to say that we have prepared this letter and are happy to […]