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Succession Planning Tips for Those Short on Time

Succession Planning tips for those short on time.   You are likely in the thick of busy season, so we’ll be concise and to the point today.   If you own an accounting practice and want to begin marketing your firm this spring, here are three last-minute succession planning tips to focus on to help […]

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Succession Planning – The Accountant’s Estate Letter

In the past few months, we’ve gotten several requests from CPA’s for a simple letter to leave instructions to their estate executor if the need should arise to rapidly facilitate an accounting practice sale. I’m happy to say that we have prepared this letter and are happy to send free of charge. Simply go to […]

Selling a CPA Practice? Cash is King

Selling a CPA Practice? Cash is King

Selling a CPA Practice? Cash is King Have you built your CPA practice with great clients and a great team? Are your services priced well? Do you run your practice efficiently? Is your practice in a good location? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then your cash flow to owner is probably […]

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The Role of a lawyer in an accounting practice sale

In an accounting practice sale, your lawyer can be a “Deal Maker” or a “Deal Breaker”, which one do you have? Ok…maybe it’s not quite that black and white. After all, if you are hiring a lawyer to help you with a transaction, you have some say-so in what role you want them to play. […]