Channeling your frustrations into something positve

Channeling Your Frustrations into Something Positive

  On our weekly call this week, Brannon was asking us about our biggest win from the previous week.  Mine came from a situation that had started out very badly.  I was working with some clients and things were moving in a very wrong direction.  I spent some time with all the parties and we […]

Who in your accounting practice has veto power

Who in Your Accounting Practice has Veto Power?

  An often overlooked aspect of accounting practice ownership structure is how powerful the Veto can be.  The Veto is often underestimated.  It’s important to keep this key power in mind when setting up a firm’s ownership structure.  Partners can be very collaborative as long as decision making is clearly governed.  Latent Veto power can […]

CPA firm hiring

Is your CPA firm hiring? How to use video.

  CPA firm hiring is always a challenge.  One of our last slow season projects this past year was to develop our own internal hiring process. One extremely useful discovery was to add a step to request a short video from applicants. We request this after we’ve received a resume that looks promising. Video may […]

Accounting Practice Scorecard

Accounting Practice Scorecard

Do you feel like your CPA practice is missing that ‘certain something?’ Would you like a way to help pinpoint where your practice can be improved? This winter, we combed through and analyzed all of the best practices we’ve ever sold to see what key factors they had in common. From this exercise, we narrowed […]