Why Did You Buy That Tax Practice?

The people in your newly acquired accounting company need to know why you bought…and preferably on day one.   If you want people to buy into your vision of the future, you need to articulate that vision to them and hopefully they will be on-side. Buyers who communicate well with their staff early in the process […]

Invitation to Submit Accounting Related Blog Topics

Now that tax season is around the corner, I’m about to go into my slow season as an accounting practice broker.  One of my goals for 2014 is to get ahead on my writing for this blog and I want to choose topics that are relevant and helpful. The purpose of this post is to […]

The Details of Buying a Business

In terms of detail orientation, which buyers tend to thrive?  People tend to have their own natural level of affection and need for detail.  Some people are referred to as “detail-oriented” while others are considered to be “big-picture thinkers.”  Being that it is a new year, we have been reflecting on our past deals and […]